Friday, February 14, 2014

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Zenwalk 7.4 Telah Dirilis

Zenwalk akhirnya merilis versi terbarunya, Zenwalk 7.4. Ini distro favorit saya sejak mengenal OS Linux. Dirilis 13 Februari 2014, sekitar 2 tahun sejak rilis versi 7.2. Saya tidak bisa berkomentar apa-apa karena belum download, apalagi mencoba. Saya copy-kan saja isi rilisnya yang diposting di Zenwalk Forum

Now what's new in Zenwalk 7.4 ?

The XFCE desktop environment has been updated version 4.12 GIT, providing a good overview of the upcoming 4.12 final. This intermediate version has been fully tested during 4 months and the result can already be considered very stable (a few components of the XFCE 4.10 have been kept for stability).

Several applications of previous Zenwalks have been replaced : Mplayer is now the multimedia player (instead of Totem), Lxdm is the display manager (instead of GDM), Xfburn is the CD:DVD burner (instead of Brasero), Geeqie is now the image viewer.

As usual most packages have been updated :
LibreOffice 4.1.3
Gimp 2.8.10
Thunderbird 24.3.0
Firefox 27.0
Kernel 3.10.25 with performance tweaks

Zenwalk 7.4 setup tool set has support to install the system on an UEFI PC (note that the bios has to be put in legacy mode temporary to boot the install CD).

Have fun !

Zenwalk 7.4 bisa diunduh di link berikut ini:


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